How long is the life of the living wall, provided I water and trim every 3 weeks ?

    The Skogluft living wall system is designed to last for at least 10 years. Pothos manages with little care and light, so hopefully, the plants will last just as long!

    Tiny, black "flies” are coming out of my living wall. How do I get rid of them?

    Let the plants dry out completely - stick your finger deep into the soil to check that it is completely dry. Let the plants dry for a week, then give them a little water in the tray every week. Alternatively, you can use flypaper from a garden center.



    Recently, a lot of leaves keep turning yellow and brown. Nothing changed in the circumstances.

    Try cutting off the yellow leaves and some or all of the stalks. Wait to water until the soil is completely dry.

    Does the plant wall need light from above, or is light from below enough?

    Both ways work. The living wall isn’t dependent on artificial light as long as the room has some natural light, but it increases the odds of the plants thriving in an optimal way.


    Approximately how long does it take before the plant wall is lush and green and beautiful?

    It depends a bit on how you define "lush", but as long as you have filled it with fresh plants it should be green and decorative from day one. As long as it thrives, it only gets lusher over time.

    Should I water the plants after three weeks, no matter how long it has been since the previous watering at the florist or garden center?

    Wait four days before the first watering. Check the condition of the plants by sticking your finger into the soil! If it’s very dry and the plants a little droopy, you should water them.